What my students have experienced


I began piano lessons with Ms. Sheri in 2006, just before my sixth birthday and continued until I moved away from San Antonio nine years later.  Throughout those years, I learned not only how to play the piano – the notes, the chords, the keys and the posture – but also a wealth of music theory, which Ms. Sheri seamlessly incorporates into every lesson. Studying piano with the Suzuki method made learning the instrument fun and really helped me develop my ear for music. Because of the amazing foundation in music that Ms. Sheri taught me, I was able to pick up playing clarinet and then later the cello relatively easily. I took two years of music theory in high school and felt that I was way ahead of the curve, which I owe to my years of learning piano with Ms. Sheri.    ~Lulu W.

Suzuki piano lessons with Sheri was something I did well as parent. The lessons encouraged me to give my children focused attention daily, challenged them intellectually, and introduced them to the joy of music.  I’m truly grateful for the good care Sheri gave to me and all three of my children.    ~Dinah S.

My children and I took piano lessons from Ms. Sheri for 10 years. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue her lesson due to us relocating. 

There are many so-called “Suzuki” piano instructors out there, but they are not definitely all the same. With Ms. Sheri, there was no comparison of her students’ articulation and confidence in their playing. I believe this was because of her own musical journey. 

She was trained to be a highly skilled traditional piano player and then became a Suzuki instructor after she learned about the Suzuki method and philosophy. She is a qualified instructor for all 7 Suzuki books which is extremely difficult to accomplish and shows her commitment. Because of her background, she is able to compare the traditional and Suzuki methods and has a deeper understanding and appreciation of the true value of the Suzuki method. Her knowledge and skills clearly show in her teaching.  

Ms. Sheri also is a devoted teacher who shows so much care and love for her students. I feel so fortunate to have had Ms. Sheri in my children’s lives as a phenomenal guide in their musical journey. She planted a very special seed of love for music in them.  

You won’t be happier having her in your music life, too!    ~Nahoko M.